Monday, December 21, 2009


Invitations to unplanned reprieve, contemplation, camaraderie

* Maryland just had a tremendous blizzard this past weekend. Everything was covered with nearly two feet of snow. Now, all of that snow is mounded along roadsides.
* Consider all of the aesthetic wonders: The way that the moist snow sparkles in the light, the sight of snow as it wafts downward, the quietness of snow as it strikes the ground, a patch of new-fallen snow through which no one has ever walked ... What more would you add?
* Since it seemed foolish to try to go anywhere, my four housemates and I spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday together at home. What a rare feat!
* Similarly, on Sunday, as everyone tried to find their cars, there was a neighborhood shoveling party. "Hiya there, neighbor!" I noticed many neighbors helping other neighbors to shovel as well.

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