Thursday, October 28, 2010


Repetitive indication of one's next destination

* Even if a driver does something that other drivers don't like, using a turn signal is a way to cooperate. It would be nice if drivers could say, "We agree that this is the way that we will drive." But often, people drive in different ways. But at least drivers are able to say, "We agree that this is the way that we will communicate while we drive."
* As technology increases, will turn signals ever become obsolete? For instance, will vehicles have devices that send out laser messages when they are turning that are holographically projected onto other vehicles' windshields? Perhaps a robotic voice will accompany. "Vehicle on the right is turning right." In the meantime, turn signals are a good, old-fashioned way to communicate.
* Four-way blinkers are a very interesting use of turn signals, I think. A right turn signals means, "I am turning right." A left turn signal means, "I am turning left." But both a right and left turn signal mean, "I am not going anywhere." Indeed, if one tried to go both right and left at the same time, they probably wouldn't go anywhere.
* How easy it is to not use one's turn signals? (I do it more often than I am willing to admit.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A tiny speck that offers hope for the trek

* For the once-trapped Chilean miners, ascending a lengthy tunnel, how remarkable it must have been to see the first speck of daylight!
* In western Pennsylvania, it is a familiar experience to go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and emerge to a panorama of all of Pittsburgh. What a sight!
* Can it be said that, "What is in sight can be reached"? In high school, as I would go for a jog, my motto was, "If I can see it, I can run to it." Fortunately, we didn't live close to any tall buildings.
* Thanks to my mom for suggesting this simple miracle.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Assisting one's awaking without caffeine-taking

* Are you like me, struggling some days to stay awake during the day? How much easier would it be for me if I had gone to bed an hour earlier or slept an hour later?
* In extreme cases, I will drink a cup of caffeinated tea, e.g., if I have an important meeting at work. But I have only begun that recently. I still have no taste for coffee.
* Thanks to Dan Meola for helping to suggest this simple miracle. Dan mentioned how "a consistent sleeping schedule" has "all the benefits of caffeine to start your morning but you can remain listening to your body and if your really good about it you won't need an alarm clock any longer to wake up!"
* If I could get a good night's sleep and do it consistently, then would I ever be set!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Very behooving for furniture moving

* I helped two different people move last week. The first person was moving into a house with narrow doorways and staircases. When one brings furniture to such a place, they ought be prepared for chipped paint and battered walls. The second person moved into a house with broad doorways and staircases and moving was much easier.
* When I was younger, I used to climb up the doorways in our house by propping one foot on either side. This is more challenging when the doorway is wider.

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