Monday, December 7, 2009


The Christmas pre-game show

* Thanks very much to my sister, Missy, for the idea and punchline for this simple miracle. (Additionally, she is a terrific supporter and fan for this blog. Thanks Missy!)
* For those who may not know, Advent is a season that is approximately four weeks long, immediately preceding Christmas, during which all are invited to prepare for Christ's coming. It is traditional to reflect on His Second Coming (in the future) during the first part of Advent and to reflect on His birth as a child (Christmas) during the latter part.
* To explain the name to my eighth-grade Sunday school students, I pointed out that in Spanish "venir" means "to come." The same word root is used in Advent. During Advent, we prepare for Christ to come.
* Advent is a great way to keep from getting worn down by excessive Christmas commercialism. Don't get ahead of the main event!
* You can start celebrating Advent now. It's not too late!

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