Tuesday, September 1, 2009


They all have the same number of holes at the top, no matter what brand

* Thanks to my sister Gina for suggesting this simple miracle. Perhaps she was organizing her dorm room's bathroom when she thought of it?
* Gina, I think, was excited about the shower curtain industry's adherence to standards. Are you a fan of standardization? Surely, you appreciate the convenience of being able to plug the same electric alarm clock into an outlet in both Ohio and Oregon. But does the uniformity cramp your creativity?
* At least in my bathroom, it is very good exercise to change a shower curtain - unclipping the old one, then snapping in the new curtain. It requires holding hands above one's head for a long time.
* Do you have trouble with shower curtain mold? At my house, if we don't pull the curtain after it gets wet, it's more likely to turn moldy. To encourage my housemates, I composed a poem: "Mold/ Can be bold/ And it likes our shower curtain/ For certain./ So please/ Give that curtain a squeeze/ And a close/ When you've finished washing your nose."

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