Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Many things in one load requires fewer trips down the road

* Five days ago, I drove a 14-foot truck from Maryland to Tennessee to help my sister move. This 800-mile trip takes a long time. Having a moving truck rather than, say, a minivan or a sedan was very valuable. Otherwise, many more trips may have been required.
* In general, is it better to take more things at once or to take more smaller trips? One time, I tried to carry all of my groceries in a cardboard box in a single trip to my car. I didn't realize that the bottom of the box was not fully secure and halfway down the sidewalk it collapsed. A milk jug exploded, a jar of apple sauce broke, cherry tomatoes rolled in every direction. It may have been the largest mess that I have ever made.
* When you are trying to carry many things at once, how do you improvise? Do you carry multiple bags in a single hand? Do you put things in your pockets? Do you balance things on your head?

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Andrew said...

When carrying many plastic grocery bags, I see how many I can carry by sliding them onto my arms. It gets heavy really quick, but it also get awkward because you have to hold your arms further from your body.

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