Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Even when hacked, they always grow back

* If we cut our hair, it grows back. If our toenail falls off, it grows back. Do we have any other body parts that regenerate on their own?
* In another type of miracle, techniques have been developed to synthetically replace other lost body parts. At the lab where I work, for instance, there is a lot of research on prosthetic limbs which can be controlled directly by the recipient's brain.
* About a month ago, my housemate and I went on a ten-mile hike in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. It was a very rocky trail and I slammed my big toe time after time. As the blister beneath the nail grew, so did the pain. At last, my toenail snagged on a pair of pants and fell off, gaining significantly improvement.
* During a subsequent visit to the podiatrist, he reassured me, "The rest of the nail is going to fall off. It's perfectly normal and the nail will grow back."Sure enough, I now have a new nail slowly regrowing. Apparently, it takes about six months to grow back in full.

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