Wednesday, July 28, 2010


With a pit to spit and a taste that's a hit

* There are lots of things that I like that include cherries: Cherry chocolate chip ice cream, oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies, cherry yogurt.
* Where are acceptable places to spit cherry pits? My friends thought that it was a great idea to spit pits at a recent cookout. My officemate squirmed a little when I suggested that we set up the garbage can by the door and try to spit in the cherry pits. Katie and I had a great time with her housemate trying to get the pits into the garbage can in their kitchen.
* It seems that it is good to eat as much of a food that can be eaten. But there are also a set of foods that just have something "left out": corn on the cob, egg shells, apple cores, banana peels, cherry pits.
* In response to
my struggling tomato crop, perhaps I should start a compost. Could cherry pits be added to a compost pile?

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