Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Gentle sprinkle to thwart garden wrinkle

* Katie saw me admiring her watering can last week and decided to get me one of my own. "New technology!" I exclaimed, when she presented the bow-adorned gift. How much more effective will a can be than my previous jug which merely dumped a stream of water onto the base of the plant?
* This summer, I am once again trying to grow tomatoes and peppers. So far, one tomato plant has yielded many tomatoes but all are consumed by a mushy blight as they turn red. The other tomato plants have yet to yield any tomatoes and are actually looking pretty wrinkled already. Is there any hope?
* If the state of my tomato plants improve, will it be because of the new can watering technique or because I am excited to have a can and water the plants more diligently?
* Though this is my third summer of trying to grow tomatoes, if I successfully grow five or more tomatoes, it will be my largest harvest ever.

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