Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A spot from which we can catch a slice of life

* Thanks to my mom for suggesting this simple miracle. She pointed me to a blog which asked whether the view was better from a skyscraper or a sidewalk.
* Recent blizzards in Washington DC have left many sidewalks covered with snow. Instead of walking on a sidewalk, pedestrians have had to use the road, causing significant traffic slow-downs. Even as drivers, how we take sidewalks for granted!
* In college, I took a class on Urban Economics and did a project on sidewalks. How many communities in greater Cleveland had sidewalks? How closely did they monitor their condition? During this project, I spoke with urban planners who touted sidewalks for "promoting exercise" and "connecting communities."
* Indeed, it was very exciting to realize that there were sidewalks on some of the bridges near my house in western Pennsylvania. I could go for a run across the river, through multiple towns, connected by sidewalks!

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