Monday, April 20, 2009


Sometimes you are on-time when you didn't think you would be

* Thanks to Jim Savinell for help in thinking of this simple miracle. He and I were both sitting in traffic on Friday afternoon while we were talking on the phone and thought of this. Jim was one of the original founders of the CWRU Right to Life group in 2002.
* A string of green lights is a much better way to be on-time than driving aggressively. Instead of "Yellow means slow," sometimes in Maryland, it seems as though "Yellow means go."
* I studied traffic light programming in graduate school. It is most likely that the lights in consecutive intersections can be programmed for consecutive green lights when traffic volume is predictable. Herein, it is possible for it to be less likely to get a green light on a weekend when the traffic volume is less predictable, even if it is lighter.

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