Monday, April 13, 2009


So many flavors in one small bag

* I'm in Pennsylvania, visiting my family for Easter. We have a full bowl (or at least once-full) of jelly beans on our kitchen table. My sister Missy helped me to think of this simple miracle.
* A few summers ago, during a mission trip, we always insisted on jelly beans on Sundays. Here are the theological underpinnings: Jelly beans are shaped like eggs. Eggs are a sign of new life. At Easter, Christ rose from the dead and we received new life. Every Sunday is like a little Easter. (Herein, today, within the solemn Easter octave, is also a great jelly bean day. Have some for lunch!)
* Missy says that her favorite jelly bean flavor is berry blue. My mom, sitting a few feet away as I type, consults the jelly bean bag and announces that her favorite is cinnamon. ("But tutti fruity is good too," she adds.) What is your favorite jelly bean flavor?

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Anonymous said...

There are no more berry blue jelly beans left in the bowl!=(

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