Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Having less of a mane is quick to maintain

* This simple miracle is dedicated to my dad, who has cut my hair hundreds of time, always tidy and trim.
* In recent years, I have started to cut my own hair. But haircut cleanup is much easier on our back deck. But lately it's been too cold for me to dare to do this. So I'd just resorted to scissors trims for a few months. But when I visited my family this weekend, I met fierce protests. "Helmet!" my brother declared, "You have so much hair that it looks like you're wearing a helmet!" So my dad agreed to cut my hair once again.
* Often, my dad's haircuts gain great compliments. My housemate Tobias commented yesterday, "I think that your short haircut makes you look smarter." It also makes me feel smarter.
* Regardless of how a short hairdo improves my appearance or intelligence, having one probably saves me at least two minutes every morning from not having to check the mirror and see if any tufts are hopelessly out of place.
* Would short haircuts be a simple miracle for all? Perhaps some women would instead assert, "It's worth the while to go for style."

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