Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Between topsoil and brownies, making a difference

* I have heard that a food's smell has a big impact on how we perceive its taste. But even if I could still smell a food, I still don't know if I would want to eat a food without my taste buds. Would smelling the food even have any significance without taste buds?
* It seems that there are very few criticisms of food as sharp as "It has no taste!"
* Last week, I made brownies twice - once for a new year's day celebration and the next day for dinner at a friend's house.
* Hopefully, the brownies that I made truly did have a good taste, and when my friends said that they had a good taste, they weren't just saying it to be polite. How much effect does how we think something will taste have on how it actually tastes to us?

1 comment:

Ms. Lauren said...

We weren't just being polite. They were yummy :)

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