Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Assisting one's awaking without caffeine-taking

* Are you like me, struggling some days to stay awake during the day? How much easier would it be for me if I had gone to bed an hour earlier or slept an hour later?
* In extreme cases, I will drink a cup of caffeinated tea, e.g., if I have an important meeting at work. But I have only begun that recently. I still have no taste for coffee.
* Thanks to Dan Meola for helping to suggest this simple miracle. Dan mentioned how "a consistent sleeping schedule" has "all the benefits of caffeine to start your morning but you can remain listening to your body and if your really good about it you won't need an alarm clock any longer to wake up!"
* If I could get a good night's sleep and do it consistently, then would I ever be set!

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