Monday, July 27, 2009


The original air conditioning

* My family and I went to the beach in Delaware last weekend. On a very hot day, how pleasantly the wind blew ashore! My mom commented that she could understand why, before air conditioning had been invented, people flocked to the beach to take advantage of its breezes.
* Let's see if I can remember my middle school science to explain what causes an ocean breeze: The land heats more quickly than the water. Therefore, during the day in the summer, the land is hotter than the water. The hot air above the land rises, leaving an area of low pressure above the land, into which the air above the water comes, creating a breeze.
* Think of all the phrases for the feeling of being relaxed: "A day at the beach," "A breeze," ...

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Susan Koshute said...

Most likely the comment about ocean breezes and the practice of escaping the city heat was a combination of Koshute trips to Washington, DC and Fallingwater(Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece in the Laurel Highlands of PA which served as the summer home for the Kaufman family of Pittsburgh. After all, a breeze is refreshing no matter if one is by the shore or in the mountains. Susan Koshute, aka Phil's mom.

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