Thursday, May 7, 2009


The most comfortable shoes in the whole world

* Of course, old sneakers are also the most likely to be thrown away by your mother without your knowledge or consent. You definitely have to be on the lookout.
* But this time, I have a new strategy. I bought a new pair of shoes. Now, even if I don't actually wear the new pair, my mom is less likely to throw away the old pair. Yes, it gives her a very "sneaky" sense of false security.
* My favorite part about old sneakers is the holes that develop right above your toes - not holes on the bottom, which make it more likely for your socks to become wet, but the holes on the top that let in some extra air for your toes.
* This simple miracle originally appeared at CWRU in the fall of 2003. At the time, as my mother puts it, my roommate Lowell and I were having a "contest" to see who could wear their shoes the longest.

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Anonymous said...

Mom knows your secret now!

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